Pack with the complete set of KEVIII stamps plus the British Medallic Pattern Crown. I have been unable to find any information regarding the source of this item which I bought on e-bay.

The inscriptions read:-

* Became Prince of Wales 1911
* Accession January 1936

British Medallic Pattern Crown

* Abdication December 1936
* Married Wallis Simpson 1937

Complete and original unused 1936 British postage stamp set.

Back view showing the reverse of the pattern crown engraved 'CYPRUS'


Souvenir postcard of the Stamp Exhibition held in the year of King Edward VIII's Accession.



LONDON, 25 July 2016 On 14th September 2016, The Postal Museum will issue a commemorative Post & Go overprint remembering the 10 month reign of King Edward VIII in 1936, the year of the three kings.

Coinciding with the 80th anniversary of the Edward VIII 1d value issue and the first day of Autumn Stampex, the overprint will be available from the Post & Go+ machine in The Postal Museum foyer and will feature on both 1st and 2nd class Machin reels.
In addition to The Postal Museum logo, the overprint will feature a graphic illustration of the royal cipher for Edward VIII, as designed by him and used on royal household mail, as well as the text "King Edward VIII 1936".

The stamps will be available from The Postal Museum foyer during standard opening hours from Wednesday 14 September until close on Friday 11 November, replacing the normal Machins. The Union Flag and Mail Coach designs will continue to be offered with the present overprint and will not change.

Collector strip of 6 labels.

Pair of second class labels.

1st and 2nd class used on cover to show the commemorative postmark

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