Fantasy Stamps.

The following two sets of 'stamps' were purchased on e-bay in June 2006.

The set to 5/- is a compendium of actual essays made in 1936 by the Harrison artists;
I just changed the colours a little and the values; the pictorial types were actually essays for George VI which never got off the ground.
I just kicked out Georgie Porgie and stuck in steady Eddie.

The set in pairs to 1/ are my own essays; just used the 1913 GB halfpenny type, dismissed Geo V and found photographs of Ed and Wal to fit; the centre monogram comes from a book of monograms which I bought at a boot sale for 25 pence about 20 years ago.
Method of printing is by my own computer at quite large size, generally six or eight times stamp size; when satisfied, printout and then take to town where there is a printer who has a Canon laser copier which is something I drool over; cost 75000; and worth every penny. It almost talks. This then scales down to stamp size and prints out.
Unfortunately it cannot handle gummed paper as this would stick to the drum due to the heat; so I have to use gum arabic mixed with vinegar to create a nicely runny and spreadable gum, and just brush on to the backs of the sheets; when hardened ( 4-6 hours) I press any curling out, and send off to a pal of mine in Scotland who possesses a line perforator machine which believe it or not saw service in Australia in the late 1800s and I believe actually was used for perfing some Aussie States stamps, (gauge 11).

Stamps and information supplied by —

Sheet stamps.(5 pages.)
Booklets.(8 pages.)
Booklet panes. (1 page)
Coil stamps and leaders.(1 page)
Cancelled and Punched.(1 page)
Varieties G.B. (3 pages)
Postage due. (1 page)
Morocco Agencies. (5 pages)
Morocco Agencies varieties. (2 pages)
Ephemera. (2 pages)
Fantasy stamps.(1 page)
Used on cover. (1 page)
Hard times. (1 page)
Late additions. (1 page)