Overprinted for use in Morocco Agencies.


French Currency.

On this French currency overprint the word CENTIMES has a flat top to the C and a bevelled top bar on the second letter E on row 14 stamp number 3.
This variety is part of a block of 84 stamps.


Spanish Currency.

Spanish currency 5 centimos showing the variety CENIIMOS for CENTIMOS on row 1 stamp number 2. This variety illustrated is part of a block of 60 stamps.


A recognised variety which appears on one printing of the 2½d value of the Brisish currency set is the
Q for G flaw in AGENCIES.
It is also known on this 15 centimos value Spanish currency, though the location had not been established. The block of 30 from which this variety is illustrated places the flaw as being on stamp five in row five but I have not yet established the cylinder number of the sheet.

Robin Restall on the G.B.P.S. discussion board supplied the following information:-
Your 5/5 flaw is from pane A/36, cylinder 12 no stop, probably the fourth overprint printing, and is apparently only partially constant. (Source, reference: "Morocco Agencies/Tangier Study Paper 3c. The Overprints of the King Edward VIII issues of Great Britain", published by the Great Britain Overprints Society, Dec. 1989, Revised edition).


A recognised variety on the 2½d value is the flaw in ear.
The stamp illustrated here is contained in a block of 72 stamps.


This single value of the 2½d/25c stamp, purchased at a stamp day in Brisbane shows a broken top bar on the first E of Agencies

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