Our collection to date.

Late additions.

Purchased from County Philatelic Auctions 27th July 2007 Sale 207:-
Lot 4317. Morocco Aencies KEVIII French currency pair in complete,
good to fine unmounted sheets of 240. 20.

5 centimes sheet Control A37 Cylinder 26nd

15 centimes sheet Control A36 Cylinder 16nd

Purchased on e-bay June 2008 from Bushell & Wright for 4.75.

KEVIII 1d. Control A37 Cylinder block of 6 cylinder 13 no dot.

Purchased at APTA Brisbane September 4th 2010:-

1d value Control A37 Cylinder 13 dot. Block of six one mount on selvedge. Cost $25.

Morocco Agencies 5 Centimes Control A36 Cylinder 15 no dot. Block of six one mount on selvedge. Cost $15

Tangier 1½d value Control A36 Cylinder 16 dot. Block of six. One mount on selvedge.Cost $35.

Following selection of controls bought e-bay in September 2010. From P. Williams, Rochford. Cost 50

½d Value
Control A36.
Singles:- 5d, 5nd, 10nd, 12nd, 15d, 16nd,
Strips of 3 :- 7d, 12, 16d,
Block of four:- 4nd,
Cyl blks 6:- 10d, 13d, 15nd,
Control A37.
Singles:- 24nd, 26nd,
Pair:- 25d,
Cyl blks 6:- 21d, 22d, 24d, 26d,

1d value
Control A36, Singles:- 2d, 6nd,
Strip of 3:- 5d,
Block of 4:- 3nd
Block of 6 (4+2) 3d,
Cyl blks 6:- 2nd, 4d, 4nd,6dx2,
Control A37.
Single:- 14nd
Block 4:- 13d, 13nd,

1½d Value
Control A36.
Singles:- 2nd, 12d, 15d, 16d, 16nd,
Block 4:- 2d, 13d
Block 6:- 13d,
Cyl blks 6:- 4d, 4nd, 6d, 8d, 8nd, 9nd, 12nd,
Cyl blk 12 (4x3):- 12nd,
Control A37.
Singles:- 15nd, 17d, 17nd,
Strip 3:- 13d,
Cyl blks 6:- 15d, 20d,

2½d Value
Control A36 Cyl Blks 6 A36 2d, 2nd,
Control A36bar — 2d, 2nd,

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