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Morning Duty PAID date stamps 1800 — 1857

The stamps issued for prepaid letters in 1800 were not circular. They are known as 'tombstones' because of the shape. They were applied in red, to the front of the letter. The shape and size varied, as can be seen from these 2 examples, both of 1840.

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This type which was in use from 1810-1841 and then in 1843, had a single outline, the date both sides of the month, and the lettering was seriffed.
This is part of a letter, addressed to Miss Wordingham at Mrs. Tead's, Gt Campden House, Kensington, and marked 'prepaid'. It begins in the middle of a sentence

may I feel anxious to know how you are and how you like your new life & companions & what you are learning &c. Oh what a lucky girl you are & how thankful ought we both to be to Mrs. Tead & Miss Arkell & many other kind friends around you! I need not tell you my darling to do all you can to show your gratitude for I am sure you will be glad to do so on all occasions. There has been a dreadful fire at Devonport, two large ships have been burned — all your dear brothers are quite well, & so am I, but rather fatigued with moving. I wish you were here to unpack the boxes & put my clothes in order in my wardrobe, & yet I ought not to wish it for you are much better employed where you are.
We all unite in fondest love to your dear self & kind Miss Arkell & I remain as ever
Your affecte fond Mother
Hannah Wordingham 29th Sept 40 4 Regent Place
Although there is no town written on the letter the postmark is a clear circular datestamp of CHATHAM SE 29 1840.
paid 1840 click here for details This is only the address portion of a letter addressed to Mr Thos. Peters Coach Master, East of Park St. Grosvenor Sqre London

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