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Edward VIII was born on June 23rd, 1894. He succeeded to the throne on January 20th, 1936 and abdicated in favour of his brother George on December 11th of the same year.
The Postage Stamps issued during his short reign were of four values only, consisting of the ½d green, 1d scarlet, 1½d red-brown and the 2½d bright blue. The stamps were printed in sheets of 240, (20 horizontal rows of 12) in photogravure, by Harrison and Sons, were watermarked E8R, with crown above and were perforated 15 x 14. The ½d, 1½d and 2½d values were issued on September 1st, 1936 and the 1d scarlet on the 14th of the same month.

The three lower values were also issued with watermark inverted and were contained in the issued booklets.

The following pages illustrate our collection to date and all items illustrated are in the collection. In the case of booklets all are complete unless otherwise stated.


We have various duplicates and if anyone is interested in exchange of either stamps or information we would be pleased to hear from you.

Sources used for information include:-
"Stanley Gibbons Great Britain Volume 2" catalogue.
"King Edward VIII by A. J. Kirk" published by the Great Britain Philatelic Society.
"G.B. King Edward VIII" from The Great Britain Philatelic Society.
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Information on 'Fantasy Stamps' is acknowledged on the relevant page.

Sheet stamps.(5 pages.)
Booklets.(8 pages.)
Booklet panes. (1 page)
Coil stamps and leaders.(1 page)
Cancelled and Punched.(1 page)
Varieties G.B. (3 pages)
Postage due. (1 page)
Morocco Agencies. (5 pages)
Morocco Agencies varieties. (2 pages)
Ephemera. (2 pages)
Fantasy stamps.(1 page)
Used on cover. (1 page)
Hard times. (1 page)
Late additions. (1 page)